My personal Mass Effect art blog. Here you will find art of my fan made characters (sometimes characters belonging to fellow role-players). There will be concept ideas, personal head canon, role-playing scenes, or just random sketches. Canon will pop up here and there as well. do not do requests anymore, sorry!. Thank you all for dropping by to visit :)
Krogan Shenanigans

so I had this stupid silly headcanon about krogan babies. A momma or daddy can pick up their baby by the little space in their humps. Made me think of how cats pick up their babies. I dunno IT SOUNDED CUTE IN MY HEAD

also random family moment there I needed to draw :>

Posted with permission. This was a commission for officersidonis of three RP characters hanging out :D


needed to take a break from the computer last night so sat in my room to doodle and relax. Kinda went crazy with my pens though :D

random sketches and stuff of human Branka and was playing with a little headcanon how she likes her head scratched. She used to ask her mom when she was alive and then bothered Grunt when they were older (cept his came with a price ;D)

noticed an influx of followers here and wanted to say helloo!

hope you like all the doodles stashed here. mostly krogan stuff, and oc stuff. thanks for stopping by :D

welcome to Branka’s gun show!


was gonna go to sleep but ended up drawing my krogan lady instead aaay


Okie dokie it’s commission time! It’s been a while since I done this so here we go.

  • Sketch examples [x] [x] [x]
  • Digital examples [x] [x] [x]
  • Marker examples [x] [x] [x]


  • No additional charge on head shots and torso pieces
  • +$2 USD for full body shots though
  • +$5 USD for additional characters (3 max)


  • I will draw whoever you want (all fandoms welcome, OC’s etc)
  • REFERENCES APPRECIATED THOUGH!(previous art, poses you want me to use, extra details you think might be important. help me help you!)
  • NO smut or anything offensive/vulgar/racist, and so on.
  • I am OK with drawing fluff and action


  • Paypal only. My email is
  • I expect half of the payment up front, then the rest when the commission is complete (For digital and marker I will send a WIP for any last minute changes before I get to inking and coloring)
  • Send your commission request via tumblr message or to my email above


For now only four slots will be open (if all goes well then I hope to add more)

  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN
  4. OPEN

if there are any questions, let me know :)


things to remember while drawing:

  • anatomy is great but dont stop because you cant get it perfect
  • not every picture has to be a masterpiece
  • try new things but remember its ok to draw things you like to draw
  • just because someone younger than you is “better” than you are does not mean you are untalented 
  • everyone sees things differently
  • be proud of what you can do because nobody can do things the same way you can


me actually drawing canon things eeeeey

fun grunt practice also bonus of the tank baby as an actual baby awwwww *u*


For Mording who asked for Mordin in a funny hat :D also wearing a shirt that looked like he fell into a bowl of fruity pebbles

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