My personal Mass Effect art blog. Here you will find art of my fan made characters (sometimes characters belonging to fellow role-players). There will be concept ideas, personal head canon, role-playing scenes, or just random sketches. Canon will pop up here and there as well. do not do requests anymore, sorry!. Thank you all for dropping by to visit :)
Krogan Shenanigans

I’ve been trying to push my Shepard’s design and I’m pretty proud of this little batch of doodles. Many thanks to my boyfriend who gave me tons load of Sigourney Weaver references :D

was trying to blow off some steam with this piece after all the stuff that happened in the past couple of weeks

messing around with krogan for inktober


This was really fun to draw


uploading the last pieces for the September challenge. thought against it but figured since its the last day why not


all i could think of was there is a serious lack of Bakara art

after Branka I started sketching out Vuk! drawing expressive krogan faces is hard

I was getting frustrated with Branka for tons of reasons. Self pity also came into play so to feel better I tried drawing her and despite it all she still makes me smile :)

hardly been posting here even though some stuff is mass effect related. But I have been doing a September challenge to draw something every day. so here is a random doodle of a kakliosaur (least my design of one)

rough week, rough weekend. I’ve been really emotional and upset so drawing is a good way to let off some steam. Have a Wrex doodle :)


finally sat my bum down to “finalize” our Aralakh Company human designs. NEED TO POST THESE BEFORE I REALIZE ALL THE MISTAKES AND HATE THEM I’ll hate them tomorrow

every so often I try and do sketches, to get a feel for a particular design and face shape for each (Vuk is a triangle, Zoar is a square, etc) I really like Zoar’s face though. And Uvnar’s :D trying to make his hair look short and curly is hard. When drawing him I kept thinking of an older Steven Universe and Bolin XD CAN YOU SEE IT? (he’s not nice like either though) I thought a mohawk for Vuk would fit for the bright spot on his crest. He’s very flashy :>

I’ll probably mess with them again but just really glad to be able to draw ALL of them finally

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