My personal Mass Effect art blog. Here you will find art of my fan made characters (sometimes characters belonging to fellow role-players). There will be concept ideas, personal head canon, role-playing scenes, or just random sketches. Canon will pop up here and there as well. do not do requests anymore, sorry!. Thank you all for dropping by to visit :)
Krogan Shenanigans


uploading the last pieces for the September challenge. thought against it but figured since its the last day why not


all i could think of was there is a serious lack of Bakara art

after Branka I started sketching out Vuk! drawing expressive krogan faces is hard

I was getting frustrated with Branka for tons of reasons. Self pity also came into play so to feel better I tried drawing her and despite it all she still makes me smile :)

hardly been posting here even though some stuff is mass effect related. But I have been doing a September challenge to draw something every day. so here is a random doodle of a kakliosaur (least my design of one)

rough week, rough weekend. I’ve been really emotional and upset so drawing is a good way to let off some steam. Have a Wrex doodle :)


finally sat my bum down to “finalize” our Aralakh Company human designs. NEED TO POST THESE BEFORE I REALIZE ALL THE MISTAKES AND HATE THEM I’ll hate them tomorrow

every so often I try and do sketches, to get a feel for a particular design and face shape for each (Vuk is a triangle, Zoar is a square, etc) I really like Zoar’s face though. And Uvnar’s :D trying to make his hair look short and curly is hard. When drawing him I kept thinking of an older Steven Universe and Bolin XD CAN YOU SEE IT? (he’s not nice like either though) I thought a mohawk for Vuk would fit for the bright spot on his crest. He’s very flashy :>

I’ll probably mess with them again but just really glad to be able to draw ALL of them finally


day 20


I wrote Streak and had to fix it DOES HE COOK NAKED? NO!

so I had this stupid silly headcanon about krogan babies. A momma or daddy can pick up their baby by the little space in their humps. Made me think of how cats pick up their babies. I dunno IT SOUNDED CUTE IN MY HEAD

also random family moment there I needed to draw :>

Posted with permission. This was a commission for officersidonis of three RP characters hanging out :D


needed to take a break from the computer last night so sat in my room to doodle and relax. Kinda went crazy with my pens though :D

random sketches and stuff of human Branka and was playing with a little headcanon how she likes her head scratched. She used to ask her mom when she was alive and then bothered Grunt when they were older (cept his came with a price ;D)

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