My personal Mass Effect art blog. Here you will find art of my fan made characters (sometimes characters belonging to fellow role-players). There will be concept ideas, personal head canon, role-playing scenes, or just random sketches. Canon will pop up here and there as well. do not do requests anymore, sorry!. Thank you all for dropping by to visit :)
Krogan Shenanigans


For Mording who asked for Mordin in a funny hat :D also wearing a shirt that looked like he fell into a bowl of fruity pebbles

A messy doodle I saved because it looks cute and its like they’re saying “OOOOO you make me SO mad!”

Been a while since I uploaded here but lately I had no time or motivation to work on anything, but here is something!

Today is my friend’s birthday so I drew him a few pictures of our Krogan OC’s from various RP’s (via tumblr and skype ah the good ol days)

This little krogan had a krantt
This little krogan had none
This little krogan went to Urdnot
And this little krogan went “rawr rawr rawr!” all the way home!

(Source: scribe-of-tuchanka)

she can’t handle that face


Have some sketches of Branka’s chunky pet dinosaur Kakliosaur, Vaul.


Maybe I’ll post on Scribe, I dunno IM POSTING IT HERE

Slowly, very slowly, working on humanizing all of our krogan OC’s for a Pacific Rim AU. This is Turak and I do believe I gave myself a nosebleed drawing this heeeeeeeey

But him and Vuk are co-pilots (Turak is the only one patient enough to tolerate him) and he also studies kaijuu (long nights doing research hence the scruffy look)

and wow im really happy with this im gonna stare at it some more *shoots self*

Practice stuff of Scarlet. I am trying to give her a Sigourney Weaver vibe (especially with the top one) but I think I failed. Ugh

Been feeling like this lately myself. Let it out little guy momma will make you feel better ♥

I was alternating between working on stuff for human!Branka and normal Branka and started coming up with all this stuff in my head.

No matter what version though, she is definitely a young woman who desperately wants to be seen as beautiful and mature.

Majority of the other races are seen in a positive light. Asari are beautiful, Salarians are intelligent, Turians and humans are brave and heroic. Krogan are usually seen as dangerous, and untrustworthy. On Tuchanka, the women were nothing more than trophies. And when she went away from her home world Branka felt she could do something to validate her worth.

What’s odd is how harmful it is to her when someone calls her cute or adorable. Branka is naive about a lot of things outside Tuchanka so her behavior is nothing short of amusing (or cute and adorable).

But when someone tells her that, it traps her.

It tells her that she is not an adult. That no one will take her seriously because she is seen as cute.

Branka is smart, but she’s afraid to show it. She’s brave, but she doesn’t want to frighten anyone. And she’s beautiful, but she can’t see her own worth. What she lacks is self-confidence but when she gains that she becomes an unstoppable force of awesomeness.

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